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Rpts on Flag Burning Issue Washington DC

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Rpts on Flag Burning Issue Washington DC

Published 19900600

Various news reports on the Supreme Court decision that burning the American flag is protected by the 1st Amendment and the Bush Administration's fight to change the Constitution to prevent it. Named Persons: Spanogle, Robert; Kennedy, Edward, Sen.; Hatch, Orrin, Sen.; Metzenbaum, Howard, Sen.; Kerrey, Robert, Sen; Chauvin, Stanely, Jr.; Gekas, George, Rep.; Conyers, John, Rep.; Hyde, Henry, Rep.; Brooks, Jack, Rep.; Glickman, Dan, Rep.; Schroeder, Pat, Rep.; Matsui, Robert, Rep.; Solomon, Gerald, Rep.; Boxer, Barbara, Rep; Foley, Tom, Rep.; Parris, Stan, Rep.; Tallon, Robin, Rep; Johnson, Greg; Chandler, Rod, Rep; Ackerman, Gary, Rep

Run time 00:32:48
Audio/Visual sound, color


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